Monday, February 25, 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Know it All

{Context : Elijah rarely drinks water. We have to push it on him all day long.}

Eli, first thing in the morning : "Mom, can I have some milk?"

Me : "Sure, but let's have a drink of water first. Remember how our bodies are actually made of part water? So we need to give ourselves a re-fill in the morning."

Elijah : "Yeah, so we don't diiiiiieeeeee."

Me to Dan : "Well, we've successfully taught Eli how to exaggerate."

Elijah : "No mom, HY-drate."


Eli : "Mom, can we listen to the Rolling Stones?"

Me : "Sure. Let me find it on the computer."

I continue to find The Rolling Stones on Spotify, but every song I start is "wrong". 
Elijah : "Nope, that's not it. Nope, not the one. No mom, that's NOT the Rolling Stones."

Me : "Elijah, are you looking for a particular song??"

Elijah : "Yes, the one on Mr. Fantastic Fox."

I play "Street Fighter Man" and Elijah shouts out "Yeah, mom. THAT'S the Rollings Stones. You got it! I was right. See??? I was right! Now you know!"

I need to start teaching him the names of his favorite songs!


Little phrases Elijah uses to let us know HE is right and WE are wrong:

"Nope. You didn't know it mom. I knowed it. That means I'm right."

"Sorry that you were wrong mom. But that's because I was right."

"I just know all the things, mom. I just do."

"Mom, sometimes you know the right things, and sometimes I know the right things. But you don't know ALLLLLLL of the things."


Please tell me this is a stage and he'll grow out of it. We have successfully taught him how to say "Mom, that was what I was saying" instead of "told you so!" so I'm pretty proud of that....yeah. We have a long way to go, don't we?


  1. Okay, so I'm sorry to say I am not here to tell you it's just a stage. I am simply here to THANK YOU for posting these so that I can not feel so alone!!! I work really hard with Caleb. Rather than a stage, I think perhaps it's a personality. The important thing to remember with that is that it DOES have its strengths and to pray for wisdom with how to encourage those and point him to Christ for the tempering of the weaknesses (can we say arrogance?!). Recently (in answer to prayer for wisdom!!!) I realized I needed to remind Caleb that it is not his place to INSTRUCT me. Of course, my personality once I saw how out of control that had gotten was to SLAM DOWN on that and instantly reign the behavior in. In his mercy, the Spirit reminded me, it had taken us a long time for it to get out of control and I needed to allow a "process" for God to work in Caleb's heart. So I speak to it and pray for him about it and ask for wisdom to know how to continue to address it. :) I'll pray for you, too!

    1. I think it's both! Elijah is very much like me-a black and white thinker/there's always a right and wrong answer/no gray to be found ANYWHERE! Of course, as I grow, I learn to be more flexible so he and I are going through that together :) BUT, I do remember teaching a classroom of 4 yr olds who all seemed to know better than I did, ha! Thanks for the prayers!! Always good to know we aren't alone in this crazy parenting thing, right?