Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What He Wore : Lazzy's Got a New Do

We all know that Lazzy has had his Chris Farley days. No one denies it.

But lately....wait a that....

Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh!!! It's really him!
(Jeans and striped shirt from Once Upon a Child, Shoes are Target, Hat is $1 H&M and Jacket is from Free Store!)

Seriously, though. The longer his hair gets, the more Bieber he looks! If I try to cut it, he screams and cries and tries to put it back on his head! So, we are growing it out and I'm resisting the urge to cut. Once it's past this awkward stage, it'll be great. We all just have to push through. And teach Lazzy how to sign autographs in the mean time :)


  1. he is SO cute! and they definitely have similar hair!

  2. bahaha that is adorable! and hilarious.