Monday, November 26, 2012

Chicago Anniversary

Earlier this week, Dan and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary early in Chicago. There is so much I could say about how much we've both grown and changed, but that would make you cry. Instead, I'll share my pictures so you can be happy for us that we did something fun. Without KIDS!!!

Everyone kept asking about our plans. Honestly, our plans were to relax and have fun together. We simply needed space. Space to eat an entire meal, to sleep, shower and maybe finish a conversation without interruptions. It was glorious.

The only planned event was visiting the Art Institute of Chicago. What a beautiful beautiful sight!

On our way to the museum, we saw the Bean.

We walked and walked and walked. We shopped in dozens of vintage and used clothing stores (don't worry, you'll see it all in upcoming WIWW posts) and Dan even browsed through some books (that's how you know I love him). The food. Oh, the food. I never used to want to spend money on food. I felt it was so frivolous  such a fleeting thing to "invest" in. Now, I'm a changed woman. Eating good food is all about the experience and conversation surrounding it. Good food is a very important part of vacation.

Today is our official anniversary. Seven years ago, I could not have imagined I would be here, right now with a husband who loves God and two amazing little boys I am privileged to call sons. My life is full and I am thankful.

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  1. awww happy anniversary! anything with out kids is a date in our house // :)