Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Filling in the Gaps

Dan helped me upload my phone pictures onto my computer. Throughout the day, I snap many cute and hilarious pictures of the boys but didn't know how to share with y'all until now. In case you felt like you were missing out on big moments in our lives, here are some pics to fill in the holes:

 Playing in the creek. This was sometime back in March. I can barely remember those cool days.

I just love seeing my boys together. These are the times when people think they are twins.



Little nerd.

Lazzy channels Michael Jackson while jamming on a juice box. LOVE that glovie! (glove + lovie = glovie)

Other weird Lazzy pics. There are no explanations...he's just that awesome.

Catching up on "the news"

This is Lazzy's normal stance while I'm cooking in the kitchen. He usually stays out of the way, but things have gotten dangerous lately and I've had to create a new system.

As you can see, he's not too pleased about my new system. Ever since Lazzy started opening the oven (a HOT oven, might I add), I've had to put up a gate to keep him out of the kitchen while I cook. If there is one thing Lazarus hates, it's not being able to be with or on me at all times.

Bed head Lazzy style.

Dress up! My boys rarely go out in normal clothing. We're always strutting the streets of St. Louis as football players, dinosaurs and super heroes.


That's it. A post primarily for those of you who just can't get enough....ha!


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