Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sponsoring Blogs

I usually don't sponsor blogs. I've done it in the past a few times and I enjoyed every minute of it! But, I just don't find many that I want to connect with in that way. ...For Lauren and Lauren is such a sweet blog though! Katie started her blog as a way to connect with her two sisters Lauren and Lauren (one is her sister-in-law). Now, she shares about the ups and downs of waiting to be a mama, awesome outfit finds and always seems to get a good cookie recipe in each week. Plus, she posts every day :)


I decided to sponsor her blog in hopes of getting more exposure for my etsy shop this Christmas season. I'm pretty sure I'll get much more than that out of this month's sponsorship though! Katie is super sweet and down to earth. I've already learned a lot from her about trusting God with the big desires of our hearts.

Katie did an introduction post for all of her new sponsors. Check it out and stay tuned because there will be a massive giveaway post later this month!

{To any new readers - WELCOME!! I'm so glad you're here!!}


  1. you are the best!!! So glad to you have this month Bethany!! thanks so much for the sweet words - I appreciate it SO much!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Katie today. Her sister Lauren (not sister-in-law Lauren, haha) is my best friend and I've spent many hours laughing with (and, honestly, at- she's hilarious) Katie Jane. :) I'm so excited to find Still in St. Louis! I literally teared at your birth stories. Thanks for sharing! I have a close friend who is about to have her second home birth and it's all so intriguing to me! And scary. lol. My first two were pretty difficult and complicated and sometimes I wonder if things would have been different in a less "medical" environment. Like, maybe the doc wouldn't have pulled with the suction cup for an HOUR, ripping me to shreds? But I also wonder if we both would have died if I wasn't at the hospital. We're hoping for #3 soon and maybe your blog will tip me over the edge for a home birth this time. :) Anyway, you probably didn't need to know all that. lol. Just wanted to say hi and that I'm adding your blog to my favorites list. :)

    1. Jen, nice to "meet" you! Many women choose homebirth after 1+ "traumatic" birth experiences in hospitals. You can never predict the outcome of any situation in life, but home is safest for healthy low-risk pregnancies. I love being a doula, but every time I witness a hospital birth, I am even more thankful for my homebirth experiences! I'd love to give you any info/articles on the subject if you'd like.

      Also, thanks for adding me to your blog list!! Hopefully I won't let you down :)