Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Random

"I know what I'm gonna be when I'm a mans!!! I'm gonna be a bird!" - Elijah


"This smells like a wood pecker!" Elijah says after taking a big sniff of his vitamin water. It was pomegranate flavored.


Elijah and I were playing with little nesting dolls. There was a doll for each person in our family and he pretended that the mommy doll had to go to work.

Mommy doll : "Bye bye! I have to go to work now!"

Eli doll : "Ok, we'll miss you! Have fun helping your lady get her baby out!"

Then he snapped out of character to ask me a question:

Eli : "Hey, do you remember when you were pushing ME out in my grandma's room on her bed? That was so so so fun!"

Me : "Uh, yeah, it was actually pretty painful, but I was SO happy to see you!"

Eli : "Yeah, well it was fun for me! Yeah, it was the funnest day I never haven't seen."


"When I grow up, I'm probably going to live in Africa but not Arctica. Because that place is too far down and very very cold. But I will probably want to live in Africa because I like the sun and it's not too far from my grandma's house. But it's not the same continent as her continent, but it's probably pretty close to her continent." - Elijah rambling about his future


In response to a commercial on Spotify, Elijah said "Mom, that guy just wants us to buy ev. ry. thing! But we don't want everything in the world, just the things we want and that's not too much, right mom?"


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