Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Wore - 21?

Forever 21. I love that place, but I probably shouldn't.  Their clothing is not the best quality, but the prices and styles are great most of the time! Problem is, I walk in and suddenly feel like I'm shopping among a gang of teeny boppers. I hear them chatting about boys and just know they're popping zits in the dressing rooms. 

I begin to sweat. "Do I really belong here?" I wonder. Is the name of the store supposed to draw in teens who wish they were 21 or washed up mamas like me who long to be young with a washboard tummy again? Oh, let's face it. I've never known what that is.

For the few times I've had the guts to stay inside the store longer than the employees have been driving, I've picked up a few beloved pieces. Two of my favs are their super stretchy* undershirts priced at $2.80 and their super stretchy* skinny jeans at $10.50 (perfect for boot tucking). 

The outfit below is my new favorite.
Top : Forever21, $12.50
Jeans : Forever21, $10.50 *Key word : STRETCHY.

Shoes : Gap Outlet $17

Hair! Seriously, if you haven't tried this hair-do yet, what's wrong with you???

This outfit is definitely over $30, so I'm not bragging about price per-say. I guess I just wanted to confess that yes, I do shop at Forever21. And I like it.

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  1. Ha ha! YOU feel old there? :) I've boughten a few things there! I hate it though. Hardly any of their tops will fit me since I have, ahem, a chest. Drives me crazy. They need a sister store for older gals who want to have some trendy stuff but aren't a size 6 and 21. :)