Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Wore - For the Birds

I had a bird sort of day. This green shirt has a really cool large bird print on it. I love that it opens in the back, perfect for hot summer days.

Top : Plato's Closet, $3; Brand: Charlotte Rouse
Shorts : Detroit Goodwill, $3; The Limited
Shoes : Gap Outlet, $17
Necklace : City Thistle

Total Cost: $23

The necklace is one of those things that I've seen around, but didn't want to spend money on. I got supplies from Etsy to make one for myself and then sold the others at a craft fair. Win win!

Hair is a combination of this bun and this braid. I love how it turned out. The backwards braid is much cleaner than a regular braided bun. But, beware. Your hair will look like this when you take it out:

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  1. Love the braid - I do that one on occasion and it gets a lot of compliments. Great post :)