Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIWW {Thrifted!} - I Heart Lace

Lace. If I could cover myself in lace, everyday, I would. I've always been a girly girl, but living with three boys has pushed me over the edge! Dan thinks I'm silly. My boys think I'm a princess. But really, I'm just a girl. A girl who likes pretty things.

From Head to Toe:

Blouse: Plato's Closet, $3; Brand :  
Cuff Bracelet: F21, $4.80
Jeans : Family Thrift, $4.00; Brand: DKNY
Bag : Goodwill Outlet, $1; Brand unknown
Sandals : Walmart, $10; Brand: Faded Glory
{I wear sandals to their death in the summer time. I've invested in expensive pairs and I've bought the cheap ones. They all die after 4 months of solid use, so I've decided that the cheap way is the only way for me.}

Total Outfit Cost: $22.80

My hair-do is a mixture of two tutorials:
Braided up-do
High Messy Bun


  1. I love lace too and I love that braided bun! Cute outfit and nice price.

  2. So cute and I love the hair! LOVE it! Is there anything better than the thrift store?! Man I love shopping there!!

  3. How pretty. LOVE your blouse.

  4. I LOVE the twist you put on the bun! Thanks for the shout out girl!!!