Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Potty Training Lazarus - Day 3

Potty training has gone well so far. Lazzy wakes up dry and goes on the potty. He has a few accidents before lunch, then goes on the potty again. A dry nap and another successful potty trip later, then it's time for a few more accidents before dinner. Today was day 3 and I'm happy to say the accidents were few. Lazarus is learning to hold it for longer periods of time which makes it easier for us to go out, although the only place we go is Tower Grove fountains. It's much easier to deal with accidents when all the other kids are wet, too :)

We've had a fun time spending our hot afternoons in the back yard. Lazzy insists on filling the pool but only because he likes being hosed in the face.

My little pool boy!

Perhaps it's easier this time around because Dan has been part of the process. Plus, I'm not charting things like I did with Eli. It's pretty relaxed with a timer in the background, just so I don't forget.

For my own records, here's today's stats:

Successes : 4
Accidents : 2
Initiations : 1

Pretty good for day 3!!!


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