Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Off Into the Sunset

This time last year, Elijah was riding his balance bike all around the neighborhood. I couldn't believe how quickly he picked it up! Well, a few weeks ago, we picked up an adorable (and free of Disney characters!) tiny pedal bike. Coach Dan did an incredible job with Elijah and after just three days of practice, he can now do this:

{disclaimer: you might want to turn it down before watching...mom got a leeeeettle too excited!}

Did you see that fake out? He totally pretended to crash into me!

I'm afraid my job just got harder. All this boy wants to do is ride, ride, ride! We've already gone on a 2 mile ride through the park today, where I literally ran as fast as I could to keep up with him! Later, he passed out on the playroom couch, but when Lazzy woke him up, he said "Mom, I just want to ride my bike more!!!".

I'm going to have to bribe him with candy and tv shows just to keep him from running away on that thing!


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