Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meet the Parents

The girls are scheduled to visit with their parents once a week for an hour. Last week was their third visit since entering the foster care system. Usually, foster parents and bio parents do not meet until a little further into the whole process, but the circumstances in this case made me feel like I should make contact sooner. Nothing is final yet, but let's just say there may not be many opportunities for us to meet in the future.

I was reluctant to go, but I knew it would be good for all of us. Dad wasn't able to come, so it would just be the mamas meeting. I wanted to see her face and for her to see mine. I wanted her to know that I feel honored to care for her children during this difficult time, that I'm on her side and supportive of her getting well.

Honestly, I was a bit worried about what I would feel towards the people who neglected these dear girls, but I'm smarter than that. People just don't set out to hurt their little ones. Circumstances mixed with terrible choices and desperation can really take you to a dark place. It's never something planned in advance. It just happens. My heart aches for these girls and the separation of their family and I know they are all aching, too. I simply wanted to bring a bit of peace and rest into the situation.

Our meeting went well. It was short but sweet. We connected on the subject of childbirth and of course, those gorgeous girls we both love so much. I was able to get some background on big sister's sleeping habits and some understanding and reasoning behind the small size of baby sister. It was good to connect and although I don't know what she thought of me, I think the girls' mommy is a young woman struggling through life, in need of support. I know she believes in life and I'm thankful she chose that road for the girls in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances.

 I just pray for her now, that she would choose to fight for these little lives the way Dan and I are. To fight hard to get better, to trust and hope that things can change if she's willing to give in to all the help around her, namely Christ. I don't want her to give up and now she knows for sure that I am on her side.


  1. That took courage but it was the right thing to do. Good for you.

  2. What a difficult decision - for all parties! Wish you the best and may the children's lives be improved by your obvious decision to put them first!