Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Man

Before kids ever entered our simple picture, birthdays used to be ALLLLLL about the birthday boy or girl. Dan or I would decide what to do with our day, which usually involved Thai food, and we would go about our day, completely selfishly care free.

Sunday was Dan's 28th birthday. I was able to get him gifts, make him a cake and throw him a surprise man party in our back yard (complete with tubs of beer and chips and salsa!). I think he was happy with it. However, it was no where near care free or selfish! We barely sang the birthday song with fits raging in the background. I think Dan literally shoved a piece of cake down his throat so he could deal with two particularly naughty children and I interrupted his birthday phone calls with poop announcements.

I just wanted to take his hand, run down the stairs, jump in the car and drive far far away from this snot ridden chaotic life! Instead, I reminded him that I loved him and said "happy birthday!" frequently throughout the day.

I've always thought of birthdays in a selfish way...it's YOUR day and you can do whatever you want!! But where does that come from?? Birthdays are meant to celebrate life, to remember the connection we have with our mothers who chose life for us and sustained us. The fact that we are alive to celebrate 28 years is simply because of someone else's ability to NOT be selfish!

I was so proud as I watched my husband give up his birthday and serve his family. He wiped noses and chubby bottoms, put up an amazing fight during nap time, fed children, prayed for children, chased and tickled children, and so so much more! It was quite honestly the most self-less birthday I had ever witnessed.

{Dan's self portrait...apparently, he's feeling a little worn out lately.}

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  1. Oh, how we love the Plobbins!!! Miss you guys! We WILL double-date again someday!