Friday, June 29, 2012

When Life Gets Busy...

Everyone deals with stress differently. When my life gets busy, things get messy. Oh, I assure you that my laundry will get done, dishes washed and put away and the house will be vaccumed. But, my attitude will completely suck! I will have multiple mini breakdowns that end with "Ok, pull it together...I don't have time to re-do my make-up! I'm late!". I overschedule myself because I have yet to learn how to say "no". It gets pretty bad.

I attended two births this week, both amazing and challenging in very different ways. It's been a lesson in patience and trust because you see, I was scheduled to leave for vacation today. When the week started, I was unsure how I would get the family ready for a week at the beach while also acting as the neighborhood Super Nanny AND attend two births (hopefully not in the same day).

I had to practice what I preach about deep breathing and staying relaxed. I tried all week to not get too anxious about the unknowns ahead. I prayed for peace.

Lastnight, just hours from our vacation departure time, I got a call from an overdue client and suddenly, I was hopeful. It was a long night of pouring myself out to this sweet tender couple. We celebrated together as they welcomed their second son into the world just after 8am this morning. I was beat, but the day must go on. Two hours of deep sleep later, the boys and I (Dan is meeting us on Lake Michigan in a few days) were on our way to Indiannaoplis, our first pit stop.

Before I got that call last night, I was pretty mad about the possibility of missing my yearly family vacation because of work. I love what I do, but sometimes, the planner in me writhes in the face of my unpredictable schedule. It all comes along with the job, though. As I greive missing out on big family events, my clients often grieve the loss of a birth plan, a hope, a need. My job requires me to surrender, not only to the sponteneity of my days but to the random events of labor. I have to be ready for anything at the drop of a hat.

This time, I am thankful to have assisted in a wonderful healthy birth AND be able to go on vacation. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it, too?? I don't always get a happy ending to a very stressful week and I plan on soaking this one up!

Blogging is usually one of my pre-scheduled super organized hobbies in my life. Not this week. I'm on vacation, woo hoo!!!!

Just random thoughts from a sleep deprived mama.


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