Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Wore - Super Nanny

While we wait for our extra beds and car seats to be filled with foster sisters, I don't like to let those things go to waste. Today, I had four boys ages four and under. It was a busy morning but we had fun! 

I can handle oodles of kids at my house and am getting good at wrestling everyone into bed. It's the coming and going that stresses me out most. Four little bodies, four sets of buckles and other speeding cars to look out for. I am thankful for the practice but I'm sure I'll never be a pro at loading and unloading four kids from a van!
{the engine was off while photos were taken :) }

So, what did I wear while acting as super nanny today?

Blouse : Detroit Thrift Store, $3; Forever21
Shorts : Detroit Goodwill, $3; The Limited
Vintage Red Leather Belt : Thrifted, $2
Sandals : Walmart, $10
Earrings : City Thistle 

Total Cost: $28


  1. fabulous super nanny outfit, but where's your cape? :)

  2. very cute outfit. You are a brave woman. :)