Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why I Run

When I was in high school, I wanted to run track. I had long legs and lots of energy. Problem was, I hated to exercise. I couldn't run more than 2 minutes without my body becoming one gigantic cramp. I thought I had Asthma. Nope, I was just really really out of shape.

Fast forward 10 years. I've finally given in and bought my first pair of running shoes. I started the couch to 5K program and honestly at first, I thought I couldn't breath. Now, I am working towards my first 5K with the St. Louis Color Run in August and I'm so excited. Wow, never thought I'd be excited about running.

People how have known me a while really can't believe it. They think I'm crazy, and really, I do too. But things change once you have kids and all of your days minutes are spoken for. I just wanted something that was mine that made me feel good. Something physical besides changing diapers and cooking meals. This is why I run.

I run because I want more energy.
I run so I can pray in peace.
I run so I don't have to deal with Lazzy's amonia bomb at 6am (aka the first diaper change of the day).
I run to lose weight and it's working!
I run to gain muscle (also working, but slowly).
I run to be present in my community.
I run to challenge my self discipline (what self discipline? Exactly!).
I run to be stronger for my doula clients.
I run to be alone.

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