Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brothers - Twins??

Lately, people have been asking if my boys are twins. It always shocks me, because I honestly believe they look nothing alike. Sure, they have identical blonde hair and blue eyes, but one is much shorter than the other. Not to mention, their features are different in every way. Ears, eyes, nose, mouth...it's as if Elijah got all Meeks genes and Lazzy is full on Robbins. Still, I feel like Dan and I are the only ones that see this.

Maybe they look like twins because of the hair...?

Fresh new summer cuts:

They do give me similar blooper faces.

Even though they are two years apart, they are in similar stages of life. Both boys run around wanting to play with the same toys, yell "NO!" at each other and they sometimes share clothes!! I'm loving this stage of mothering right now. Just as we are getting comfortable, things are about to change. BIG TIME!

I wonder if we will get actual twin girls? That would be funny (and a ton of work, yikes!). Since we are open to a sibling group, it is likely we will get sisters, but it might not be that way initially. Often times, parents whose children are in foster care continue having more children. Those children ideally would be placed with their siblings, which is why we specified being open to that. It is entirely possible for us to get a two year old and then a year later, welcome their newborn sibling, too!

It will be interesting to see a picture of our family two years from now. Lord give me the strength to accept whatever situation is given to me!!


  1. I get the twins comment with our kids all the time and they don't look anything alike! Your boys are cute but they don't look like twins to me either.

  2. people always used to ask if my boys were twins too, (and they are 3 years apart almost to the day) I always giggled to myself. I think it is the hair, seriously. My boys both had curly hair and that's all they saw. Never mind that the older one was a head and shoulders taller than the younger one. hahaha They don't ask if they are twins anymore. LOL :o) I love reading about your life so often. Praying for you all.
    Jennifer (Rushing)