Monday, April 2, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Frustration

Dan and I always look forward to the first 5 minutes after kids are in bed. We sit in the kitchen eating chocolate and share stories from our day. It usually involves us making fun of our children and the silly things they did. Apparently, we've been getting too loud.

Elijah (squint-y eyed): "Um, you guys are not letting me sleep because you are talking very loud and it's waking me up and that's makes me angry. Can you please be more quieter and talk like this?" 

He then starts moving his tiny pencil thin lips but there is no sound. Basically, he just told us to "shut up!".


No one likes being misunderstood. It's incredibly frustrating when you are stuck in a conversation and the person opposite you just doesn't get what your're saying. Good thing is, most adults have the skills and patience to really work it out. I'm realizing now that it's up to me to teach my kids that with every misunderstanding, there is an opportunity to help someone understand.

Lately, if you do not get the entire story right from the get go, Elijah will scrunch his face and say things like:

"NOoooooo, you're not understanding my story!"

"Ugh. You're ignoring my words!"

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