Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mommy Advice

Emily of DesignHerMomma is a mother of four and writes for baby's first year on babble. Today, she rounded up some pretty good advice for both new and seasoned moms. They were all great bits of helpful advice that I need to be reminded of. Daily!

The most important thing I am learning right now is how my brokenness needs to be dealt with as a parent. Nobody's perfect but often times, we use that phrase to shrug it off, not realizing how our faults affect our families. Since I'm absolutely doomed and will never be the perfect mom, I've decided to prefect the art of apologizing. It shows my kids that although I can be snappy, ungracious and impatient, I am sad about it, too. It teaches them that there is a perfect one that we can call on for help and that I am not the one they need to measure up to. My kids can trust that I struggle too with obedience and sharing and we can walk through that together.

I hope and pray that it will both teach them about grace (both giving and receiving) as well as show them their need for help. Especially for my dear first born, I hope he sees that it's absolutely okay that he is not perfect and neither are his plans, games, schedule, etc.


  1. Loved your advice on babble today. Found you through the site. Your boys are adorable! I'm in STL too and expecting my first - a boy! Adding you to my reader now.

  2. Hi Sara! Great to "meet" you!! Oh boy, boys are the best!! If you have any questions about childbirth in St. Louis, let me know! From the looks of your baby shower, I'm sure you have lots of friends who can show you the ropes, too :)

  3. I am with you on this one Bethany! I figure the more I have myself suck up pride, or frustration, or just pure "I'm the mom" attitude and ask my kids to forgive me when I have sinned then it will put me in a good habit as they get older and it becomes even harder.