Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I Wore - $12.48 Thrifted Outfit

From head to toe:

Purple Blouse : Plato's Closet, $4; Xhileration

Skirt : Goodwill, $3.99; Old Navy
Belt : Forever21, $1.50
Tights : Goodwill (still in the package..brand new!!), $1.99; Xhileration
Shoes : Goodwill Outlet, $1; Brand: Jessica Simpson

Thrifting in Indy has proven to be very fun and successful! However, I did break the golden rule of thrifting: TRY EVERYTHING ON before you buy it. The amazing teal chiffon skirt was a last minute find but we were already late for dinner. Since it was a brand I trusted and it was in my size, I went ahead and got it. Otherwise, I never would have done that!

Oh, and big thanks to my sister and stand-in photographer, Sally! Natural light and a fancy camera go a looooooong way.


  1. Those shades of purple and teal look great together paired with the tan!


  2. I LOVE a great bargain. This outfit is awesome and the price....Wow.