Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

It was a sunny day. Heck, a sunny week! 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, the boys and I were eating lunch on the back porch when Elijah announced: "It's too sunny. I wish it was a cold cold rainy blustery day."

Me: "Um, that's really weird. Why would you rather it be cold and rainy? I'm loving this sun!"

Elijah: "I want it to rain so we can watch shows all. day. long."

I guess he does have some Seattle blood in him :)


Elijah sweetly asked me for a glass of milk after nap time. I told him "sure!" and then forgot. He asked again, sweetly, even adding "please nice mama?". Again, "awe....sure, sure...sorry. I'm on it." but I got distracted again and I forgot.

Elijah: "MOM! I wanted some milk but you kept making me forget! always make me forget the milk!" he says angrily.

I couldn't help but giggle as I ran straight to the fridge. For some milk.


Before bed one night, Elijah hugged me and sweetly said (un-promted!) "mama, I love you always and forever" then kissed me on my nose.

I melted.

Me: "Thanks Lij. Does this mean you will love me even when you're a man?"

Elijah: "Of course! I will love you even when I'm a mans!" he said confidently.

Me: "Will you love me enough to call me on my birthday? Even when you're a man?"

Elijah: "Of course!" (now giggling)

Me: "Will you love me so much that you will call me and visit me for no reason??" (you can see now that my biggest fear about raising boys is that they will forget me when they are grown!)

Elijah: "Mama, I said of course!" now frustrated.

Ooops...crossed the line. I'd better back off or he won't want to call me when he's a man!

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