Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Featured Etsy Shop - Birth and Babies!

I've got my first homebirth doula client who is about to deliver any day. I'm so excited to experience homebirth in a whole new way. Homebirth itself is nothing new to me, but I've never been the primary doula at a homebirth. I'm so excited, I can't sleep! In light of what's just around the corner, I've rounded up some fun birth and baby items from these sweet little Etsy shops.

I was Born Gently at Home, Organic Cotton Baby/Toddler T-shirt, Boy, Blue.

Homebirth Short Sleeve Onesie, Hand-Dyed, Hand-Printed - 0 to 3 Month Size

Uzume makes sweet little t-shirts and onesies promoting the use of midwives and doulas. Babies are pretty good at advertising! 
My doula loves me. Onesie or Tee Doulas Rock. Onesie or Tee

I want to get these ones for my boys!
Midwife's Little Helper Tee & I love my midwife. Onesie

Southern Charm Quilts makes cute quilts and pillows for after the baby is born. I love the idea of a baby stat pillow. It would be fun to have one of these for each child in the home on their beds.
Baby Birth Stat Pillow, ALL NATURAL, fresh modern handmade children

When your baby is all grown up, you can have a memory quilt made with all your favorite onesies! It's a great way to hold onto these special items without cluttering up your basement.
Memory Rag Quilts, made from your baby clothing, ALL NATURAL, fresh modern handmade heirloom


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