Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Featured Etsy Shop - The Broken Plate

Broken china jewelry is so fascinating to me. I love that you can turn a special heirloom into something wearable! There are endless options for color, pat
ern and style when it comes to broken china jewelry. The Broken Plate takes it to another level. Juliet Ames offers items for him, her and the home!

Broken Plate Pendant on Chain - Red Orange Yellow Rainbow - Recycled China
{Broken Plate Necklace}

Broken Plate Earrings - Modern Green Pattern - Recycled China
{Broken Plate Earrings}

Recycled China Drapery Holdback - Green White and Gold - Curtain Tie Back
{China Drapery Holdback for the home}

Custom Bridesmaid Jewelry - Matching Broken Plate Pendants on Chains 5QTY - Recycled China
{Matching China Necklaces for your bridesmaids}

Broken Plate Cuff Links - Green Olive - Recycled China
{Broken Plate Cuff Links for your man}

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  1. That's really taking recycling to another level! Great to see - and thanks for sharing the different ideas!