Saturday, April 28, 2012


It was great being in Indy last week. I needed a break from the "heat" of St. Louis, a change of scenery, hugs from my parents and of course, cuddling my niece and nephews. I had planned to be with my sister when Levi entered the world, but he came at such an inconvenient unpredictable time! It killed me to know that he was eating, sleeping and growing without me there to watch him all these weeks. Finally, I got to meet the little man and let me just say this : he's perfect.

AHH!!! I'm counting down the days until we are re-united!


  1. He is ADORABLE!!! and what cute pictures!!! Hope you're having a good weekend!!

  2. I've been blogstalking your sister and her family since you posted that he was born. And he is precious. And I think he looks just like Eli did when he was a baby!