Monday, February 13, 2012

Top 10-In My Reader

I have 80 blogs in my Google reader that I've subscribed to over the last year. 80! Now, that might be a low number for some of you, but for me, it's a lot. Most days, I don't even read through each post but there are a few blogs that I save for my own bedtime stories. These are the blogs I actually read, learn from and are inspired by. Since I like them so much, I decided to share my top 10 with you, whoever "you" are. By the way...who are you? If you haven't already, please say hello!

Nicole is a doula and apprentice midwife. Although she is a Christian, she is not at all preachy in her posts. Nicole writes great articles about many issues relating to childbirth and provides awesome research while she's at it. I've used her blog as a reference for many pregnant friends and doula clients.

This blog is simple but probably one of the most inspirational things I look at every day. In each post, M. Fay pairs fashion with a piece of art and it is amazing.

8. Shows Big & Small
Raul Kemp is a 'self renowned writer, orator, and internet adder'. Living in Nashville give Mr. Kemp plenty of opportunities to see musical shows. Shows Big & Small is where he reviews them. His writing in crisp and witty. You'll feel like you were right there with him, third row and center, catching spit and sweat from the lead singer. Raul Kemp has a new blog called The Monocle Press which is a satirical outlook on news and other cultural musings. Trust me, it's just as good.

This blog is pretty new to me but I am committed for life. Creative mamas share awesome ways to pass the time with their little ones. There are plenty of inspiring DIY projects here and the photography is always top notch.

THANK YOU Hair Romance! Seriously, this blog helped me get through a really bad 'growin' my hair out' phase. It gave me ways to wear it up when I was in that horrible year long pony tail rut. Now, my hair is long enough to wear plenty of different ways. I've come to the other side and I have no one else to thank but this cute Australian blog.
Raechel Myers is a dear sweet heart. Seriously. She was born at the bottom of a sugar box. With two young-ins at home (and many in Heaven), she's a photographer, a deal finder and an amazing seamstress.  How does she find the time?? Her honesty and compassion seep through every one of her posts, often challenging and lifting up her readers. I'm thankful that she shares so much of her life with hundreds of strangers.

4. Design* Sponge
My all time favorite design blog. If you're planning a visit to a new city, be sure and check first with Design* Sponge. They have city guides that cover everything from shopping, food and entertainment for numerous cities around the world. If you're moving to a new place or re-decorating your current space, D*S Sneaks Peaks are a source of endless inspiration. And of course the Living In section is a fun way to waste some serious time.

3. Street Art Utopia
I knew absolutely nothing about graffiti and street art until I met Dan. He and his brothers have a serious artistic side to them (mostly drawing, graffiti and instillation art) and have opened my eyes to another world of art. I feel like I can enjoy street art now.

This blog motivates me. Katy's posts on Sweets changed the way I cook altogether. I love how she goes into the science of it all. Because of this blog, I've come a long way from frozen Trader Joe's dinners! Oh, and she's funny, too. But y'all already knew I wouldn't send you somewhere boring :)

1. The Letter 4
This is the newest blog I've added to my daily reader. It's seriously the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. It's a collaboration between four sisters who live all around the country. After missing each other too much, they began this blog where each post is like a letter to all the other sisters. DIY's, hair tutorials and other cute crafty posts keep these sisters closer together and the rest of us entertained.

Well, there you have it. Hope you found a new fun blog to follow. Happy Monday!


  1. Hey Mrs. Robbins :) I've been reading your blog for some time now and I love it! Hope this doesn't creep you out...I mean...all of a sudden realizing that people are "secretly" reading the things you write. Why didn't I ever think of saying hello before? :)

  2. thank you for turning me on to Street Art Utopia! Oh and congrats on the televised tute! :)

  3. Hey great blogs! I hadn't seen or heard of any of those before you. I love finding new blogs, so much inspiration and creativity out there. Love your blog too. Found you on the Etsy Blog Team.