Friday, January 20, 2012

Today, A Star Was Born.

Well, not really. But I had a lot of fun today on the set of Great Day St. Louis. Before last week's email from the producer, I had never heard of the show. I had to research and watch a few segments on their web site before agreeing to come on. It seemed harmless enough and a great opportunity to promote City Thistle as well as Etsy in general. 

Seeing as how I'd been out of town for two weeks and would only have 4 days at home to prepare for the show, I was a nervous wreck. Honestly y'all. I was the type of student who had mental breakdowns in the girls bathroom before my high school exams. Yes, I can be dramatic and I do dream of working along side Kristen Wiig on SNL someday, but really, I'm shy. A few minutes before going on, I could feel my pits start to sweat and my chest turn red. I told myself "Oh, just do it!". It all turned out fine with only 25 ums (really? that many? and 7 exactly's. I'd say I did pretty darn good.

Ok, so behind the scenes, here's the stuff you would have never known was going on just before the show began:

My little spot was squished between the turtle D.J. and the Italian/Mexican chef. 

The D.J. played horrible music during set up while the chef guessed it: ONIONS. Blah! I felt like they were ganging up on me.

My mouth was like a desert but I didn't want to mess up my lip stick. Ok, it was tinted chap stick. But still!

During set up, I dropped chalk all over the floor, breaking it into a million pieces and getting chalk everywhere.

Matt (the host) and other people working on the show kept touching my glasses which messed up the chalkboard writing. I kept having to re-do everything and felt like such a neat freak.

Finally, I decided to re-hydrate, and since the bridezillas bride models took up the entire bathroom, I used the reflection of the fake oven to put on my tinted chap stick.

I had two big fears for the day. 1. That I would, you know.....toot on camera. I get gassy when I'm nervous! and 2. That I would say um too much. Thankfully, only one of those things happened, 25 times! (see above)

All of this was happening while the host Matt loafed around chatting it up. He was super nice, though. When the show started, I almost yelled out "OH cheesy D.J., thank you for playing Michael Jackson! My 3 yr old son is probably dancing right now!".

All in all, it was a busy yet entertaining morning. I learned a lot and had a great time. Meeting new people and making new connections is always fun for me.


  1. Such a fun segment! we had so much fun watching!

  2. You ARE a star! How exciting! I wanted to let you know that your "ums" were nowhere near as bad as you built them up to be, and I thought you sounded SUPER professional. Way to go!