Sunday, January 22, 2012

Missing Our Peeps

We've not been home a week yet, but I am really missing my Seattle peeps. We got to visit with so many dear little people and their parents who mean the world to Dan and I. We are so thankful for these relationships and how our friends, although far away, are still such a huge support and encouragement to us. I hate that our children aren't growing up together but am glad for the play dates we got to share last week.

Elijah is especially missing his bff, Ezra. Everything he says now is somehow linked to "Ezra, my Seattle friend". So cute! Their friendship really is special. One night, Ezra showed up at a birthday party that we were already attending. Elijah saw Ezra walk in the door and shouted "EZRA!" while pointing excitedly to himself as if to say "Hey man! It's me! You're best friend Elijah!". Hilarious!

Ezra, Hazel, Ivo, Lazarus and Elijah. Big thumbs up from Lazarus!

Sans Hazel. I LOVE these boys!!

The boys are in love with hazel.

So am I!!

Group photo! I love how Dan and I look 10 years older than the Riberas. I also love how I look like the one that just gave birth and Jessica looks like the college aged nanny. Wow. Not fair.

Just missing my friends today. That's all.


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