Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday (THRIFTED)

It's Wednesday and I'm here to share yet another awesome thrifted outfit from the week. This one is my cheapest so far!

{the last pic was for elijah, but did you notice the action shot? i think my fearless photographer is learning some skills!}

From Head to Toe:

Yellow Sweater : Thrifted from resale shop in MI for $3; Brand: Lux originally from UO
Blouse : Thrifted from resale shop in MI for $3; Brand: eci originally sold at Macy's & Nordstrom
Jeans : Thrifted for $4 from Family Thrift; Brand: DKNY
Bag : Thrifted from Goodwill Outlet for $1; Brand: unknown
Pumps : Thrifted from the Nashville Goodwill outlet for $2; Brand: Jessica Simpson.(yes you read that correctly. they are in perfect condition.)

Total Outfit Cost $13. Way to go me!!

I love how the yellow sweater brings out
the tiny yellow stripes in this blouse:) And seriously, Jessica Simpson shoes? I never thought I'd own a pair but I love these!

Where did I go/What did I do in this outfit?

Dropped Dan and the boys off at the Seminary
Met with a doula client
Computer/reading time by myself at Panera
Trader Joe's
Dinner out


  1. You outfit is so cute! I can't believe it only came out to $13! Awesome

  2. I love your outfit! I could instantly tell that was an UO cardigan.

  3. I'm so impressed with your thrifting finds. You should write a post with tips! I feel like I just waste a lot of time digging through stuff when I go...