Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Featured Etsy Shop - Bech Evans Pottery

Today's featured shop is a little different from all the others for three reasons:

1. It's a pottery shop.
2. The owner is a guy.
3. It's someone I actually know!

Bech (shop owner) is a dear friend of mine. We met back in 2008 when we lived in Malawi together, teaching at an international academy. Since then, he and his wife Marley have moved to Vermont and new parents to an adorable baby boy!! Bech is the reason I (and many of my friends) enjoy fresh bread all the time! Anyways, I got to see a bit of his work while in Malawi but am so happy he's finally opened an Etsy shop. It's exciting for me to share his work with all of you because it truly is unique.

Bech Evans Pottery offers a wide range of handmade ceramics in a variety of styles and colors. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. He's just opened in April so the shop continues to grow with new items.
Here's a peak at what's currently for sale:

You can see by the shapes and colors that there really is something for everyone. My husband Dan is drawn to the darker more textured cups while I reaaalllly want the dimpled white liqueur cup. So pretty!

Bech is currently providing dinnerware for a wedding registry and is happy to work with you on custom orders. Don't hesitate to contact him through his shop with any questions or ideas. As always, have fun shopping!


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