Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting to know Lazarus (and all his favs)

It seems as though Lazzy's personality is really starting to show now that he's one. He is definitely a little man with ideas, desires and opinions. He is a witty little guy. He's a tiny force to be reckoned with. He knows what he wants and can always find a way to get it.

For those of you that haven't met him yet, you're really missing out on a good time. Until you're able to visit with us in St. Louis, I'm going to take this blog post and introduce you to the funniest little baby person I know.

Lazzy's favorite place to drink milk? The coffee table of course.

Lazzy's favorite food? Green curry with the runner up being sauteed veggies with pepper.

Lazzy's favorite color? He seems to be drawn to orange.

Favorite pass time? Thumb sucking.

Lazzy's favorite playground activity used to be the swings.

Now, it's the slide!

Other random favorites include but are not limited to:

Talking on the phone

Making messes

Climbing into small spaces


Last but certainly not least, his older brother Elijah

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