Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodwill Outlet Shopping - Not for the faint of heart!

The other day, Elijah and I visited our new neighborhood Goodwill Outlet store (Market and Vandeventer for you St. Louisians). It just opened last month and I've been dying to check it out. Compared to all the other outlets I've seen, this one is CLEAN! You could eat off the floors! Now, that's not to say there weren't some serious shoppers in there. You know the type; pinching, shoving, glove wearing crazies. I'm proud to say I held my own without hurting anyone. Aaaaaaand, I hobbled walked away with these beauties:

This leather bag has never been used. Either that or it's previous owner was Danny Tanner himself. It's spic and span without a flaw and real leather! Since the outlet charges by the pound, I'm guessing this one was less than $1.50!! Gorgeous.

These tall caramel leather boots are adorable. I love the bow and details in the leather work. They have a bit of a heel which I'm not used to, but I guess I'll just have to adjust. These were also under $1.50.

I also scored vintage Playskool wooden blocks in the original bag! I spotted it as an employee was wheeling in a new trough of goods. As soon as I could reach it, I snatched it up knowing it was a great find. Shoppers were literally mad at me for grabbing it before they could. I had two people offer me $5 for them! No way. My boys will play with them for a few weeks and then I'll probably sell them on ebay. Ooooooor, we might keep them :)

There you have it. Elijah enjoyed a lolly pop and read a book in the cart while I spent about an hour scouring through bins and troughs, fighting my way to the middle and walked away with gold. Pure. Gold.


  1. I'm so jealous of that purse! I've been looking for a new brown purse! I'm also jealous of your amazing bargain shopping skills. :)