Monday, August 8, 2011

Fancy Toilet Paper Rolls

I love to be crafty, especially with the kids. Still, as a self proclaimed minimalist, I strive to keep my craft supplies at a minimum. I refuse to become a hoarder of old newspapers, pipe cleaners and toilet paper roles. I leave that to other crafty mothers.

Although I know the crafting hoarder community is quite large, only a small amount of people actually put these things to good use. They save toilet paper rolls until there is no where to sit in the house and then make robots, Christmas ornaments and binoculars. These little projects are sweet and a great way to get small children through a rainy day.

For Anastassia Elias, empty toilet paper rolls were meant to be made into art. REAL ART.

This stuff is no mommy/kiddie craft. This is incredible! Interested in sporting these images around town? This design (among others) can be bought in t-shirt form or laptop and iPad skins.

Anastassia's creativity is not limited to empty toilet paper rolls. Oh no. There's much much more.

Shop prints.

(thanks Drawworm for sharing!)


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