Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Am I a Minimalist??

Minimalist is a word I might use to describe myself. The only reason why I would hesitate is because I still think I live with more than I actually need. Anyhow, I know I like the thought of living simply. But what does that look like practically??

I recently came across this blog that documents the journey of a middle class family striving to live as minimalists. I wanted to share my favorite posts:

Numbers 6 and 10 were the most convicting to me.

Number 26 is my favorite reason. I hate when people drop by and I'm running around the house picking stuff up so there's room to sit.

I have really enjoyed reading the posts from the children category.

This particular blog is inspirational to me and a good reminder that I still have a long way to go (eh hem-wallpaper??) I really want to read their book Simplify but my list of future small purchases is quickly growing. The blog will have to do for now.

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  1. i gotta say, i agree with you most of the time but this one kind of rubbed me the wrong way. as i can agree than life is more than just having a bunch of stuff, this blog just seemed like the writer wanted me to sit in an empty room by myself and not focus on anything. i couldn't ever figure out what the writer was so worried about being distracted from. life is about enjoying things, people, and experiences, not figuring out ways to deprive yourself of joy. i can see how not being obsessed with material possessions can be beneficial, but come on blogger, live a little. it's over before you know it. love ya. (writer refers to the blog link, not you beth.)