Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's the difference?

People often wonder what the big difference is between a doctor and a midwife especially when it comes to quality care. When women hear that I had two home births with a midwife and her assistant, they are relieved to hear that everything went okay. I'm not sure why, but people automatically assume I would choose an unsafe birth plan for my child, one that is risky and not organized. They ask about how clean it is and how smart the midwife is (seriously, I've had that question before!).

These conversations are usually with new acquaintances or mommies at the park. What I need to start doing is referring them to links to videos like these (nothing graphic, don't worry):

Something tells me you don't have to go the homebirth route to get awesome care from a midwife. Midwives work in hospitals, too!

For a peek inside the actual homebirth experience, the following video is a beautiful example of how peaceful bringing a baby into the world can be. (again, not graphic at all)

*These videos do not represent everyone's experience both with the hospital and with homebirths.


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