Monday, May 23, 2011

How to shop on Etsy

Etsy is like the world. It's a big big place. So how in the Etsy world do you navigate yourself through hundreds of handmade and vintage stores?? Well, today, I'll teach you how to shop Etsy.

What seems to be the most direct way to shop Etsy is actually not the best way. On the front page, there is a category section. Within the categories section, there are thousands of items and it can take quite a long time narrowing your search.

A quicker way to search would be to choose a category from the menu next to the search box. After you've chosen either handmade or vintage, enter in key search words and voila. Much faster.

Then, there's pounce. If you're bored at work and want to just browse around, pounce is a fun way to find undiscovered shops. Pounce is an option found on the home page under "Ways to Shop".

another fun way to browse is through "Treasuries". This option is located just above "Pounce".

If you love buying locally handmade items, you can choose "Shop Local" in the same menu.

If you ever get lost and need to get back "home", click the big red Etsy button to start over. The way I shop on Etsy is through my favorite shops. I look in their profile for their favorite shops and browse around. I know that the shops I love will probably have similar tastes as me. Either way, have fun shopping!!!


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