Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bugs and Milk

I knew it was inevitable. I just wasn't ready to fish bugs out of my babies mouth quite yet. The other day, Lazzy came crawling up to me while chewing on something verrrrrry chewy. It was a crusty dead grasshopper. MMMMMMM!

In other news, I spent over $11 on 2 gallons of milk the other day. If you want to buy it fresh (and not the long life non-refrigerator kind) you have to go to the dairy store and buy it in bags. Then, you keep 2-3 bags in the fridge and freeze the rest (about 20 bags) for later. I've been cutting the bags open and pouring the milk into a recycled container. Seriously, buying milk and getting it ready to use probably took a total of an hour.

My freezer is filled with baby food and bags of milk. There isn't room for anything else.

Please pray for Elijah. We think he might have asthma as he's been coughing non stop for a month now. We were able to pick up an inhaler today at the pharmacy. $6 without a prescription. Some things are so easy to get in Africa but then a gallon of milk has to be an expensive production. Oh well. I'm hoping it actually helps!

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  1. wow, as I poured my kids milk this morning I was ever more thankful, esp. considering I was able to have the luxury of buying the small containers for .99¢ in order to save space in the fridge. Such a blessing to have options but they get in the way of showing us to be thankful for the little things. Hope you are all doing well and we are praying for you.