Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Antelope Park

Our hosts here in Zim have us scheduled to see the sites each weekend. Our first road trip was two hours out of town to Antelope park. It's a privately owned camp grounds with a small safari, lion walks and elephant rides. It was a great little get away and very cheap!

We arrived on Friday afternoon, just in time to set up our tents before dinner. Elijah was a big help to Dan while Lazzy just looked cute.

The kids slept surprisingly well in the tent. Dan and I have decided that camping might be a really good fit for our family. It was fun hanging out in our tent the next morning.

We forgot some pillows. Oooops.

Elijah helped the cooks play the drums to announce breakfast was ready.

After breakfast, Elijah and I rode an elephant. I was prepared to comfort a scared little boy, but Eli showed no fear. He loved every bit of the ride.

We got to feed the elephants after riding them, too.

After a few explores, the boys took early naps so we could be ready for our afternoon safari carriage ride with some other kids from the team. It lasted over an hour and we saw a lot of animals.

Our Zimbabwean guide kindly took a picture for us...he didn't mind the grass in the way, hilarious.

The landscape was beautiful and we enjoyed being in the open air. The ride home was a bit rough as we left late and were driving home in the dark. That's another post, though.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is so awesome!! How cool that you got to ride an elephant and see all of those animals! Miss you all terribly. I'm glad things are going well but it's so sad that it has to be so far away. Miss you all in our lives! Love you!