Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Eli and Thank You!!!!

Elijah, you're three and I like you a lot! Thanks for saying ridiculous things:

Dan: “Beth, what time is it?”

Me: “It's 7:15pm.”

Eli: “Noooo, it's not 17. It's 16!” said in a sweet matter of fact, sing songy voice.

Thanks for asking really thought provoking questions all the time. Thank you for talking in your funny voice when you're pretending to be other people including dada's professors, a talking cat or God himself. Thanks for learning new words so quickly and perfectly. Thanks for singing us hymns and praying “The Lords Prayer” for us each night. You make us so proud.

Thank you for being patient and forgiving. And a great BIG thank you for being so flexible and dealing so well with all of our traveling. Elijah, you are awesome.

***We spent the weekend at Victoria Falls. That post is coming soon. Pictures of Elijah's birthday party are coming soon, too.***

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  1. Happy Birthday, Eli! Can you believe our babies are 3!