Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 9 Months Laz!

I cannot believe he is 9 months old today. He's the most rambunctious little baby I've ever known.

This week, he and Eli had their first fight. Sure, Elijah has made Lazzy cry plenty of times, but this time was different because Lazzy didn't put up with it. Elijah took something from Lazzy while yelling at him. Laz hit the air toward Eli, screamed at him and then started crying. He was ma-yad! It was his little baby way of saying “Hey! I did NOT like that mister!”. Lazzy is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Watch out Eli.

Lazzy is officially pulling up on anything taller than himself including poles, people's pants and my skirts. He's determined to stand at any cost. Unfortunately, this creates too many opportunities for falling, which Lazzy does often. Poor little guy just wants to do too much too quickly.

Lazzy can sign “all done” and “more” and says “mom mom” and “dada” for me and Dan. He likes to clap, dance, drum with Elijah and play catch, although he can only participate in the throwing part right now. He laughs when anyone else is laughing and loves to crack us up by giving a big smile and a nice loud shout. He's a people-person extrovert who hates to be in a room alone. He's got a much shorter attention span than Eli had at this age and is a complete wiggle worm. I HATE changing and dressing him because he rolls. so. fast.

Lazzy can crawl faster than I can walk and I'm a speed walker! As spazzy as he is, Lazarus loves his mama. If he's feeling sensitive, he will only be happy in my arms with thumb in mouth. He officially has six teeth, four of them are still emerging up top, poor little guy. Let's just say I'm getting plenty of cuddles from Laz these days.

I love learning more about Lazarus as he continues to grow. He is the perfect addition to our family and brings a lot of joy into any room he enters. I'm so thankful for him and really really glad he's here with us in Zimbabwe.


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