Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finger Foods

I'd like to say that all of my parenting decisions are made in the best interest of my children. Sadly, I am far too selfish for that to be true. See:

  • I nursed Eli until he was 15 months, not so much for the bonding or the nutrition (although those things are good!), but so that I would have a way to calm him down while on that 18 hour flight from Johannesburg to D.C. He was ready to ween by 12 months and quickly was after that flight.
  • I potty trained Elijah at 2 yrs old because I didn't want to be dealing with pee pee accidents while caring for a newborn. He was not ready in any sense of the word, but I was!
  • I put Lazzy in his crib at 8 weeks old because I needed the sleep and not because I thought he was ready. Turned out, he needed the sleep, too! Poor baby kept getting woken up by his paranoid mother...sheesh. How was I supposed to know that newborns really can sleep through the night??
Well, we leave for Zimbabwe in less than 3 weeks and I'm starting to get anxious about that flight. You know, the one that feels like it lasts a life time. Oh. Right. Because it does!

Lazzy is not yet 8 months old and although the labels say to wait until baby is 9 months, I just went ahead and started giving him finger foods. I really need Laz to be able to sit still and focus or be distracted for a few minutes while on the plane. I need something amazing and time consuming to pull out when the seat belt sign is on and he wants to crawl toward the bathroom.

Introducing: Happy Baby Organic Green Puffs, Lazzy's new favorite thing.

{isn't he adorable?}

He's still working on getting them into his mouth. Currently, eating one and gripping the rest in his tiny fist is enough for Laz. Quite frankly, it's enough for me, too.


  1. 1) sometimes you do what you gotta do. B) if lazy has teeth, he should be totally fine with finger foods. The book is not always right. 3) you are a good mom in spite of what you might think! Xo

  2. I am totally giving those to Margot in her Easter basket tomorrow. I started the boys on Cheerios at 6 mos. because what else are you supposed to do with a wiggle worm when you need them to sit still-ummmm like church last night. Can we say workout?

  3. oh wow, I do finger foods WAY before 9 months! you are totally fine.

  4. B has been eating pretty much ONLY finger foods for three or four weeks now...she's much more patient with herself than she was with us if we didn't get it in quick enough, and therefore is much happier. And we are much happier. :)

  5. B has been eating pretty much only finger foods for about three or four weeks now...she's much happier feeding herself, and so are we! Good decision mama.