Friday, July 23, 2010

Boot Camp Potty Training-End of day 5

Today was so easy. I didn't really keep track of when Elijah used the toilet. It actually might have been the reason he had the ONE accident. It had been longer than 2 hours since his last visit to the potty and he had a friend over to play. While they were in his room, he began to dance. By the time I noticed, he was already standing in a puddle.

Later tonight though, he did a few dances and even walked toward me while whining a little. I think he was trying to communicate that "funny feeling" as we call it and Eli was able to hold it until we made it to the bathroom. We spent 3 hours at the Jensens' house tonight and although I was watching the clock, I was never really worried that he would have an accident. He has continued to stay dry during naps and all through the night. I think it is safe to say that he is pretty much 90% potty trained. The next week or so will just give us time to solidify what we've learned.

I've learned a lot this week about my kid and myself. I know all the books say to "wait until they are ready" but I really believe the parents are the ones who have to be ready. Judging by day one, Elijah was NOT ready to be potty trained. He couldn't hold a drop if his life depended on it! Slowly as the week went on, his mind began to grasp the new concept and his body caught on, too. Kids are so incredibly smart. Two year olds can learn multiple languages, rules, games and behaviors. Many of them know how to put on their own shoes, feed themselves with utensils and sing along to songs they've heard. Why do people worry their kid can't learn to use a potty? It's really beyond me.

Let me say, I did have my doubts. Elijah threw his fair share of fits this week, rebelling against the new way of life we had introduced him to. He still says to me "don't want a potty mom" and I have to talk him through it. While talking to my younger sister in tears that first night, I asked myself "What am I doing?? He's too young!". I guess this just confirms to me that the parents have to be ready, emotionally and physically to stick it through and be consistent. The child almost always adjusts and follows suit. There are kids who take longer and I recognize that, but I think it's a much smaller percentage than the books are letting scared parents to believe (including myself).

Parents, take courage!! Stock the fridge with juice and milk for the toddler and plenty of ice cream for yourself (or beer, whatever...). Make a plan and stick to it. One week of hard work is totally worth it!!!

Dan has the day off tomorrow and I hope to get us all out of the house! Elijah is ready to get back out into the world and so am I!

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  1. okay... maybe you're motivating me... it's true, I'm not sure I have the week in me yet. one of these days. hopefully Alaythia will so admire Elijah's skill and maturity she'll want to copy him...