Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter and 8 months to Laz!

Had you walked up to me 8 years ago and told me I would one day be the mother of two boys and a wife to an aspiring missionary, I would have laughed. Actually, I probably would have said some sarcastic rude remark that would have made you feel uncomfortable and hurt your feelings in some way. I was not a nice person.

That is a HUGE testimony of God's goodness. He has been so incredibly good, not only to create me and give me life, but to pursue me, grab me out of darkness and give me life again! As if that wasn't enough, he gave me these two little lives to love and care for. Unbelievable.

Eight years ago, I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Seattle, going to morning and evening prayer, church service after church service annoyed by all the happy-go-lucky churchie Jesus freaks. I wasn't prepared for Easter Sunday and the powerful message I was about to receive. I had heard it all before, but this time, it was as if I had nowhere to hide. God had had enough of my shenanigans. It was time.

Fast forward eight years later. This week, I've been talking with my little boy about Jesus and what He did for us on that old rugged cross. We've gone to church for morning prayers throughout the week and celebrated Good Friday with a special service and a simple meal with our congregation. Today, we celebrated Christ rising from the dead and so giving us eternal life.

I now love Easter more than any other time of the year. I long for my boys to understand the importance of this time. I want them to soak it up and trust it's truth no matter what.

All I can do is pray. And boy do I ever.

(pictures taken on Palm Sunday at our annual church picnic)


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