Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rock On!!

When the dirty diapers have been sitting in the pail for over a week (yeah, busy week + last minute trip to Nashville = neglected housework), I reach for nothing other than Rockin' Green Detergent. Don't let it's mild smell fool you. After just one wash, you wouldn't hesitate to rub your face in a sumo wrestler's underwear. This stuff is tough on dirt but gentle on the earth AND little bottoms.

I bought my first bag a month ago through Quick tangent: If you haven't used yet, try it out next time you're sick at home in icky weather. No need to leave the house. Just make your order of medicine and tissues online and it will be delivered next day! To reach the $25 minimum for free shipping, throw in a bottle of your favorite shampoo you ran out of last week so you can stop using your kids watermelon scented suds. Yes, they take coupons. No, I won't be offended if you stop reading here to go shop there.

Anyway, since buying my first bag of Rockin' detergent, I've seen it at Cotton Babies (our local cloth diapering store) and now on Cool Mom Picks. I highly recommend it to all you cloth diapering moms out there but it's also great for every day use. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so.


  1. thanks for the plug! I just found out I could get some of my vitamins for cheaper at, and you can't beat the 2 day free shipping! Yay! I'm also trying the detergent you recommended, altho I have NO DIAPERS in my house anymore...I DO have some very dirty boys. ;o)

  2. thanks Beth! I am gonna get some because I can't remember how long my cloth diapers have been sitting! SICK!!! We are only using 7 occasionally right now because of our living situation so they get neglected often. I was just thinking today I need to figure out a detergent for them. Can't wait!

  3. I just got my first order on Friday! I got a mailer with codes to get 20% off your first and second order plus you still get free shipping over $25. Use the code SOAPMORE1 and SOAPMORE2. The fun part is that they are partners with, so I threw a box of pampers in with my toothpaste and facewash and got the free shipping. I will definitely include that Rockin Green on my next order!