Thursday, December 9, 2010

These 7 Things

Even though I'm well out of my teenage years, I still go through phases. It used to be about hair styles (short, long, colored, dread locks, the list goes on) but now, my phases are mostly about food and parenting. Lately, I've been all about these 7 things.

Trader Joe's pumpkin bread mix

Last year, I learned that Trader Joe's takes this bread mix off the shelves the day after Thanksgiving. I learned my lesson and bought 4 extra boxes this year. Add a few tablespoons of wheat germ, ground flax seed and some nuts and berries and you've got a hearty snack. It's chai's perfect side kick!

So far, this diaper has definitely held up better than my OS bumGenius diapers. Snaps are the way to go! Plus, the adjustable elastic in the legs makes for a much less bulky OS diaper.

Mariah Cary's Christmas Album

I'm sorry but this album is so much fun!! We sang one of the songs at our church last week (Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child). My sister Abigail and I sang "All I want for Christmas is you" a lot when I was in Nashville for my birthday. We love to jokingly try to hit all the high notes. When I played the album with Elijah last week, he heard the song and said "that a Abby song!". Thanks Abby!

Nursing covers are so essential, especially in those early months when you're still trying to get the hang of nursing comfortably in public. Being fully covered helps you to focus more on the baby and less on what you might be showing.
Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover- Nest by Bebe Au Lait & Hooter Hiders

It's perfect for colder weather. I got a bigger size since both Lazzy
and I are always bundled up.
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Basically, this is the online game that helps you to get your shite together. I've just completed my first week and my life has already changed. I have 8 rules that I am trying to follow. They include going to bed at 10pm 5 days a week, getting up at 6:15am to read my Bible 5 days a week and doing this little 10 minute ab workout video twice (which I also love) on Hulu 5 days a week. I am loving waking up before the boys. Somehow, it makes me feel sane having that extra 30 minutes to wake up and focus on what's really important before everything falls apart.

This song:


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