Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lazzy sleeps ANYWHERE

The other day, I realized that the Robbins family really is cut out for the mission field. Eli had a fever and took a nap in the middle of Lazzy's nap. About an hour into Eli's nap, Laz woke up. He played and ate and by the time he was ready for his next nap, Eli hadn't woken up yet. I really wanted him to sleep as long as possible, so I put Lazzy down in my room. I had just measured our broken inflatable camping pad in my room (might get a new one for Christmas) and thought that would be a fine place for Laz to have a nap while I folded laundry. Our bed is way too fluffy.

I stepped out of the room for a few minutes while Laz got settled and when I came back in, I saw this:

He was perfectly content to cuddle up on the dirty wood floors. It was adorable. At that point, I realized how flexible my children really are. I have no worries about the boys. They would do totally fine growing up in Africa if the Lord wills to move us back there. As long as you give Eli some alone time and Lazzy has his thumb, they will be just fine.


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