Sunday, December 12, 2010

First real snow day!

It snowed all night and everything is covered in it. I dreaded telling Eli about our plan to stay home from church. He's been sick all weekend and I did NOT want him in the nursery thing morning. Thankfully, the snow was the perfect distraction for Eli. We suited up and played on the back porch for a while. Last year, he was too little to understand the snow. This year, he's been asking for snow since October. It was so fun to watch him play.

I practically dragged Eli back in the house. He just wanted to eat the snow and didn't mind that it was windy and FREEZING outside. This is the face he made when I said we were all done.

I compromised and said he could eat the snow three more times.




Dan had to teach at church this morning, but I promised Eli he would take him out in the yard later. I'm sure they will try to play football or something. Can't wait for that!


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