Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mid Western Winter Wonderland

Never in a million years did I think I would ever call the midwest "home". And yet, every time we make the 5 hour drive back north and approach the city with the big arch, I get all warm and cozy inside. St. Louis has truly stolen my heart. The best part about St. Louis so far is the REAL winter we've had! So far, it's been a mix of rain, clouds, sun and snow and I have loved it all. A few days ago, we experienced our first snow in years and just had to get out to enjoy it.

Eli was stunned as the snow gently landed on his fat cheeks. He had the look of amazment on his face for the first 20 minutes. Dan made snow balls and Eli loved throwing them, but easily got frustrated when they disappeared.

After a while, Eli finally lightened up and began to smile. He was happy no longer than 3 minutes and then had his first face plant right into a pile of snow.

After throwing a few more snow balls, we decided to head back in and warm up Eli's red cheeks.

It's been snowing on and off since last week, but not enough to play in. The temperatures are so low and we are trying our best to stay warm. It's definitely a HUGE change from the last two winters we've had, but we are thankful for the change.

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  1. So cute. I miss St Louis so much when I read your blog. I have been thinking of you almost everyday lately for one reason or another...especially when I hear my friends talking about the freezing cold weather you are having. I hope you aren't going stir crazy inside. Can't wait to see you soon!