Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good ole days

While at home last week, my family reminisced about the good ole days. I grew up about 30 minutes from all of my friends and with my dad as the traveling musician, play dates were rarely scheduled. We spent most of our days dressing up, creating and reenacting stories and even taping them with our giant video camera. I dug up some old photos documenting such occasions and thought I would share them.

My brother Joel and I were playing a game where he was a soldier (or maybe a cowboy? notice the helmet and the horse) and I was a lion, or some scary animal with a tail (notice the tie). I'm not sure what was on top of my head or why I put it there, but I was creative!

Sarah and I dressed up as silly ladies. I remember doing this a lot.

Every year, our dress up skills were put to the test on Halloween. One year, my brother and I were the parents from Coneheads. We looked pretty good, didn't we??

Sure, we rarely went to the zoo and I missed a few sleep overs, but I definitely had fun as a kid. I think having four other dramatic and imaginative siblings helped.


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