Sunday, November 14, 2010

To grandma's house we go!

Last Monday, my dad and I packed up the boys and headed back south to Nashville. The boys and I then spent the entire week on the ranch. It was wonderful! Both of my sisters joined us along with my nephew and niece. We celebrated my 27th birthday last Wednesday, too. It was a wonderful week. Only thing missing was DAN! We made sure to call him everyday.

The drive down was really easy. Both boys slept a while and Laz was happy as long as he had a thumb or a pacifier in his mouth. He loves the pacifier but I only let him have it on road trips. Otherwise, he can have his thumb and that seems to work just fine.

The baby cousins got to know each other a little better.

I think they should be the mob for Halloween next year, what do you think?

Laz did a great job at the grandparents' house. He slept like a champ (man, does he move in his sleep!) and smiled at everyone he saw.

The boys learned how to compromise while playing together. Elijah played Spiderman and Amos played football. Sometimes, they played both at once!

The aunts got cuddle time with the newest nephew.

Uncle Jesse played rough in the leaves with the boys.

Grandpa took the boys for a ride in the truck. They also spent some time up at the pond. It was good for Eli to be outside so much.

We spent an hour climbing on an old fire truck. My dad has a friend who bought it to take to kids' birthday parties. We got to have it all to ourselves.

It's not all play at grandma's house. Sometimes you've got to work, too.

At night, grandma read stories and watched the Snowman movie to calm the boys down for bed.

I love going home and being taken care of. I love spending time with my nephew and niece and I love being out in the country. Basically, I sat on the couch and ate what I wanted all week while other people played with my children. The week was one big day off. It was amazing! 6 more weeks until we do it again. Thankfully, Dan will get to come, too!


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