Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 8 weeks Lazarus!

You wouldn't guess it by his furrowed brow, but Lazarus is such a sweet baby.

I feel like he has grown up a lot in the last two weeks. He has completely put himself on a strict schedule. He takes three naps a day. His morning nap is usually in the sling. He and Eli both take long afternoon naps together and then Laz sleeps once more just before dinner. He goes to bed before 8pm and wakes once in the middle of the night and then in the early morning. He doesn't cry unless he is hungry or tired. He LOVES being the center of attention. While he has learned how to play happily with his toys, he prefers to coo in the arms of other people. I can't wait to know him more, but so far, he seems to be a pretty cool little guy.

To celebrate Lazzy's 8 week mark, I decided to kick him out of my room. I could have kept him with us longer, but I desperately need to sleep. Lazzy doesn't wake up a lot, usually just twice during the night. The problem is that he makes so much noise in his sleep! Elijah sleeps like a rock and with the noise machine on, I decided it was better to take my chances with Eli waking up than for me to listen to Laz all night. So now, the boys are officially sharing a room! It was so sweet tip toeing Eli to bed with his baby brother peacefully sleeping nearby. I'm not sure how peaceful I will be tonight, worrying about the baby. Still, I am excited to have the boys together in their room. I'm sure it won't take long for them to get used to it. From now on, I'll have to get my cuddle time in during the day. This sleep deprived mama is actually okay with that.


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